April 18, 2011

Here's a pic from our first Montly web TV show -- evolution of a song-- song writing with a purpose.

Watch AMP TV Song Writing With A Purpose clic on link below

We kicked off our first monthly Web TV broadcast - Evolution of a song / Song Writing With A Purpose. What a night!!!!! Dove award winning writer producer Dan Hannon was Co - Host.  Stellar award winning writer, producer, Artist JoJo Hill, Recording Artist, writer, Producer Josh Blevins, and Recording Artist, Pam Hamilton performed in the Song Writers circle.. It was a night of passion and craftsmanship at its best. Click on the link below and see for yourself!!!!!!

April 4, 2011


In the past and up to this point it has been nearly impossible to get your songs heard. Guess what, that's about to change! In the past, if you did not have a publisher, know an artist, or have a connection at a label, etc. the forecast was dim. I know the feeling of having a song you believe in and no one there to listen. Thank God for the digital age!!!!
We at AMP are working very hard to change that. We have a secret weapon and plan on using it soon to change the old way of doing business. This is not going to be a gimmick, it will be in real time and you can watch it work. Come join us as we help each other reach our goals.