November 28, 2011

Why do so many Artists fail on iTunes?

So you got your new CD and you're ready to get it out. The first move most people make is to get their songs on iTunes. Guess what, you and everyone else who has a project is doing the same. There are over 6 million songs on iTunes.  Here's some more random facts:
- 65,000+ podcasts (USA)
- 10,000+ music videos (USA)
- 350+ TV shows (USA)
- 20,000+ audiobooks (USA)
- 14 iPod games (USA)
- 500+ movies (USA
 Do you get it? If you're trying to sell your song, the odds are 6 million to one. Whoa!!!! The reason most people fail is simply this. They put their songs up and wait for the checks to start coming in. What a fairy tale! Another reason people fail is, they're so emotionally attached to their music they believe the world is going to fall at their feet. The truth is, there is more junk than music on iTunes. So what do I do? I'm glad you asked!
   First have a plan. No plan no money! No Money no way! So what if I have no money? Then you need to make up the difference in passion and hard work. The degree of your passion and hard work will determine how successful you will be. There are many ways to promote your product, I wish I could get to them on this blog. I just don't have enough ink!
  For now use Google to research marketing techniques. Enlist those who believe in you to become part of your team and work work work! If you have no funds that's about it. Try to raise funds. If you already have funding good for you. Most don't.

Here's a few suggestions. 
1. Check out the free sites
2. Work on a fan base
3. Play your music for everyone you can
4. network network network
Remember you are your number one fan and promoter
Get to work!!!!