February 25, 2013

Songwriting TV Show

I will be Co hosting a two hour live Christian Songwriting show on WATC CHANNEL 57 Atlant live WED AT 7 PM. What a blessing for AMP and our ministry. I have had a lot of request from people out of the viewing area wanting to watch. Here's a link to watch it on your computer. If you like it please let the station know and request more it will help our ministry. Thanks!
                          CLICK BELOW FOR LINK

February 20, 2013

Think your song is a hit / maybe maybe not

My Grannie Loves All of My Songs

My time in Nashville was around 20 or so years and I could not begin to tell you how many boxes of songs where thrown in the trash. All of them mailed by someone whom believed they where hits. Sad but true. How where so many people so wrong? I have also heard writers say they wouldn't know a hit if it hit them in the face. I can tell you from the inside that some of the people listening wouldn't, but most would. What a sad expression of the truth.

So what is the solution for this ongoing problem?  Well there is no perfect solution, instead there is  a process that can increase your chances substantially. Before we get into the solution, lets do some soul searching and prepare for the the process. You maybe saying I don't need this crap. Let me know how that works for you and ask yourself , how's it been working so far.

Lets begin with those who think all of there songs are hits, but haven't had a cut yet and only believes a cut brings a bandaid. If you believe that's true then you certainly qualify for the group of living-room  hitmeisters  If your not willing to listen to others critiques , then there is no point of going any further. 

I'm going to make this short. You must get advisers, work with others, network, learn more about your craft from the pro's join pro groups and do lots of wood-shedding. Don't for one minute believe that after writing ten songs your a professional. It takes most people hundreds of songs before they even get close. The good news is you can get there if you do the work. So get with it.