June 27, 2011

I finished the song! Now what?

I can't begin to tell you how many calls and emails I've received over the years where writers are looking for a way to get their songs heard. Don't take this the wrong way, however most writers I've met don't have the drive to do what it takes to get out there. That's not a bad thing; that's just the way it is. Another thing I get is -- I've written several songs can you pitch them for me? Sure, send me all you've got. WRONG!!!!! sSo what do I do then?
AMP is working very hard on what I like to call the Unsigned Writers Holy Grail. It's called Nashville-in-a-Box, which is a virtual publishers, producers, and record label's music row. For now, you have to do it the old fashioned way: network, network, network. Another tool we are developing is AMP street. This is where you will have access to networking with literally hundreds of writers and artists like yourself when you become a member of AMP.  We are endorsed by the Grammy's and many other professional groups. If you're serious, you have to invest in your career, both time and money. No one is going to do it for free. Let us help you; come join us at www.myamp.org and evolutionofasong.blogspot.com and justin.tv/amptv and learn who we are. Get plugged in!!!!!!!!!

June 23, 2011

AMP supports this article from the Grammy's

Navigating Digital Distribution: Mysteries Revealed" posed the question, “What’s the upload?” The digital landscape has opened up tremendous, previously unthinkable opportunities for artists to get their work out into the marketplace, but the roads through that landscape can be tremendously confusing. This panel brought together entrepreneurs and experts in the field of digital distribution, all of whom offered unique insights, advice and angles on how an artist can best move from hopeful upload to registered sale. The panelists included Kevin Arnold, founder and CEO of comprehensive digital music service IODA; Jeff Price, founder and CEO of digital distribution company TuneCore; Derek Sivers, founder and president of Web-based indiemusic seller CD Baby; and Bruce Taylor, VP of marketing and PR of SNOCAP Inc., a service that allows artists to set up their own Web-based stores. The panel was moderated by Eric Garland, CEO of BigChampagne Media Measurement, which provides analysis on issues involving the intersection of entertainment and technology.

"Unsigned And Making It" discussed the gloominess in the industry generally stemming from the fact that traditional industry business models are in a period of uncertain transition. But if the old models aren’t working, what about some new ones? There’s more music being created, and listened to, than ever before and artists are increasingly exploring new ways to get their songs heard. This positive view of the shifting musical landscape was enthusiastically addressed by Danny Benair, ex-punk/pop drummer, former music publishing exec and current chief of music placement service Natural Energy Lab; music supervisor extraordinaire Alexandra Patsavas, whose Chop Shop Music Supervision company works with such hit TV shows as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Rescue Me,” and “Without A Trace”; Tommy Tallarico, composer, video game industry icon and founder of the Game Audio Network Guild; and Adam Merrin and Keith Slettedahl, members of up-and-coming indie rock band the 88. The discussion was moderated by producer/engineer Mike Clink, whose much-respected work with artists such as Guns ’N Roses, Aerosmith and Metallica qualified him to lead a discussion on non-traditional approaches to musical career-building.

The next burning question on everyone’s mind is “You’ve got your music online, now what?” The latest panel in the series will bring together the marketing and PR experts to help you figure out how to get your music heard. Panelists will include Brooke Burt, co-founder and publicity director of Indigenous Promotions; Nathan Hoy, vice president of music of ReverbNation; Anne Litt, KCRW-FM DJ and music supervisor; Brad Barish, Head of Operations at Topspin; and Jeff Varner, artist manager, the Collective. This stellar panel will be moderated by Carmen Rizzo, two-time GRAMMY-nominated engineer, producer/remixer/musician.

Join us for what is sure to be an informative, enlightening discussion on June 23, either in person or live on GRAMMY365.

June 20, 2011

Got talent?

Got Talent?? I think the link I'm sharing, it would be safe to say, showcases talent. So let's say you have this level of talent, or maybe a little more or a little less, you would think that's enough, right. Wrong!!!!!! It's certainly a good start. There are so many people out there with talent to the point it's mind boggling! There's a few more things you must have if you're going to make it in music-land that are a must --- passion, perseverance, drive, thick skin, be a self-starter, go-getter and the ability to help others along the way. Also it's hard to get there, but staying there is even harder. Being grounded in a strong moral and ethical belief is just as important, if you want to be happy when you arrive. Trust me, I know from experience. Experience the real thing, plant your feet on solid ground; it's worth it!!!! Check out this link and hear the whole package. Nia Imani Electronic Press Kit - Streaming Music, Photos, Videos, Lyrics and Info - Sonicbids