July 28, 2011

Do you have what it takes????

So you think you have what it takes to penetrate that impregnable wall in music land? What if I said forget it? Keep your day job! You may be thinking what a jerk! You may be right. I can't count how many times people told me that on my journey. There was one person who always believed in me. That person was me. If you don't believe in yourself there's a good chance neither will others.
My belief is this; if you've truly got the gift you can't stop. It's in your heart, your soul and your bones. When GOD GIVES US GIFTS, He does not base it on what other's opinions are. If you got it, claim it, own it and use it. God will do the rest. There is no doubt that at times you will be discouraged, but you can't allow that to stop you if you truly believe in yourself. Remember there are no great people just ordinary people accomplishing great challenges. Three words--Grow thick skin.  Do not listen to the nay sayers, listen to the yea sayers!!!! So when you're about ready to give up remember this -- Don't stop before the miracle happens. It could be the miracle was waiting on you 5 minutes later.

July 26, 2011

Do you have a plan?

So you want to be a writer, maybe an artist, even a producer or publisher. What's your plan? Do you even have one? I'm sure you've heard the proverbial statement, (putting the wagon before the horse). Where is your horse? There's a myth that runs around the music business that says all you have to have is talent. If you believe that, let me know how that works out for you. Those days are gone. Actually they never existed. Yes some have gotten lucky. Would you prefer trusting luck, or having a well thought out plan? Have you ever heard the harder you work the luckier you get? Well, it's true!
One reason most people don't have a plan is they don't have enough information to form one. Knowledge is your ally. At AMP our goal is to create a custom business model for you so you can focus on your craft. We need to hear from you so we know what you need, not just what we think you need. Here is your opportunity to be a part of your success and to take action in your future! Come join us at AMP and partner with us in your career at myamp.org

July 24, 2011

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July 11, 2011

You can't handle the truth/A few good men

You can't handle the truth! A quote by Jack Nicholson from the movie A Few Good Men. Can you handle the truth? I can't tell you how many times I'm asked the question, how do I get my songs heard?  Are you ready for the truth? Not only is it tough, it's extremely tough. Why, you may ask? First of all there are literally thousands of writers and some of them with hundreds of songs trying to do the same thing you are. Then there's only a limited amount of publishers and producers etc. listening. So why even bother?
You have to ask yourself, are my songs good enough or could they be? I hope you answered yes. And if you did I have some good news. It is just as possible for you as it was for anyone else before you. First your songs have to be very good. Then you have to be willing to do the work to get there. If you're not willing to do the work to get there, don't even bother; it won't happen.
More good news! We are working very hard to develop a program for you to to make that happen. We will be launching our new website very soon. Stay tuned. For now check out our monthly web TV show -- at justin.tv/amptv

July 8, 2011

Networking With the Makers -- the Watchers -- The Wonderers

There are three kinds of people in this world: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened after it happened. Which one are you? Oh yeah, then there is the lazy, the kind of lazy, and the workers. I hope you're getting my drift.

Somewhere along the line, there has become a misconception that being in the music industry is a way to get out of plain old putting your nose to the grindstone work. This is so far from the truth that it hurts.

Let's talk about networking, which is the single most important thing you have to do after you've developed your talent. If you want to be a success in this business, you need to roll up your sleeves and get busy networking. If you don't do this one thing you are doomed to failure. You've heard the term six degrees of separation? Well it's true. So who do I network with? Simple answer- everyone! You never know who the next person you network with may introduce you too. It just may be the one that changes your life.

At AMP we are driven to helping you learn how to network. Come join us for our live web TV show or click on justin.tv/amptv to watch the show and learn more.

July 7, 2011

An Important word from the GRAMMYs.

If you're interested in the music business, this is an important statement from the GRAMMYs. We all must stay on top of what is going on in the business. Be a part of the business! Join the GRAMMYs; it's an important part of the music business. We at AMP endorse this message.  J. Grady, president and founder of AMP and amp TV. Watch AMP TV at -- justin.tv/amptv June 22 Click on link to hear message www.grammy.com/announcement

July 1, 2011

The ART IN MUSIC. Is it lost???????

Is the ART of music lost???? Absolutely not! However, there is the money machine driving the prefabricated commercial pod auto-tuned synthesized sound that is making millions for them. We know who they are; right? This money driven machine makes it nearly impossible for the true artist to get a break and be heard by the masses.
Now we have to ask ourselves, where are we in this picture? Then do some serious soul searching and ask, why do we create music? Is it for fame, fortune, or for the Art? If you answered the first two, you are a true blue member of the machine. There's nothing wrong with that, this exercise is just to help you find your place in all the madness.
Remember there will always be Art in music and it has nothing to do with mass appeal or what others do. We should not begrudge or become jealous or resentful of the machine. Just remember this ART comes from the heart, not the wallet. J. Grady Pres. and Founder of AMP The Association Of Music Professionals.