October 1, 2016

Free Music Career

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So you want a music career? Here's a myth, it's free. The fact is , it isn't free, and it takes complete commitment, and dedication. The days are gone where you go to a producer ,and offer a percentage of your career. The risk is to high , and the competition to steep.
 You make it with hard work, passion , drive , and some talent. The first three carry the most wait in today's digital world.

Whether your pursuing a carrier in medicine, legal, technical, ETC. 'YOU HAVE TO PAY '!
If you truly have the passion you will find away to make it happen. Don't believe for one minute someone else is going to do it for you.

It's not easy, but if you have the passion , and desire it's doable.

Check out the link below for some averages on arise in the industry

If your ready to go to work click on the following link.

If you're not don't bother it's a waste of time!

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