January 31, 2013

Vocal technique

     AMP Academy Vocal Technique Course


Where Vocalists learn how to AMP up singing abilities!                   

  • Do you want more power, range or flexibility in your voice and not sure how to achieve more?
  • Has your throat ever hurt after a singing performance?
  • Do you ever come out of band practice feeling so tense that you need to see a massage therapist or chiropractor? 

Amp Academy has put together a series of Vocal Technique videos that guide the vocalist in understanding their instrument and how to use it. Amp Academy's Vocal Technique Course is here to help the singer achieve their best! 
Kathryn Webster (vocal coach for Amp Academytakes you through numerous exercises to bring awareness of how the vocal instrument works. Through her easy to follow exercises, the vocalist will be empowered to strengthen their voices the right way! 

The Video Course Includes: 
Stretching: Learn effective stretches to help maintain focus on stage and cool down after a performance.

Breathing: Learn breathing techniques that nourish your songs from start to finish.
Breath Support: Learn how to create depth to your voice for a polished and professional sound.
Soft Palate: Get the height on your upper chest notes like never before.
Troubleshooting Common Vocal  Issues: Solutions are easier than you think with our video course!
Vocal Health: Learn how to prevent pesky vocal nodes and polyps!
Tongue Articulation: Learn to use the tongue to your advantage.
Facial Movements: Learn how to use facial muscles to guide and direct sound.
Resonance: Learn how to make your sound go farther than you ever thought possible. You won't have to worry about the guitar drowning out your vocals!
Breath Support + Consonants: Learn how to bring on power in your vocals! Sing your songs like you've never experienced before!  

networking/get your music heard by the pros!


Nashville Sky


As a  member of AMP, you will have access to  all the benefits of Nashville In a Box, where you can get virtually everything Nashville has to offer without leaving the comfort of your home.
 After spending many years in Nashville as a musician, producer, and writer, I know the ever-exhausting experience of trying to get your music heard. We are in the process of building AMP Row, modeled after Nashville’s Music Row. Also working with Publishers, A&R (Artist & Repertoire) departments;  I know how important and valuable time is.
 This will be a place where you can get your songs heard by Labels, Producers, and Publishers as well as Artists. There is so much more we will be offering at AMP. We at AMP want to be at the center of helping you to succeed. We are an association with a purpose. We want  you to thrive , and grow as a contributor in the  music industry, while helping others to succeed. Come join us at AMP as we begin connecting the pieces!

      J. Grady Shuman
      President and Founder

January 30, 2013

AMP and the Grammys Digital crossroads event




Click on this link http://evolutionofasong.blogspot.com/2011/02/blog-post_23.html

 to watch the Digital Cross roads event we did with the Grammys

This is a very informative event with the Grammys, Grammy winners, Dove award winners.

Top level Artist Management and more.

                     Join us! Watch our site get built right in front of your eyes.
                           See how we connect the pieces to your  puzzle!

We are developing a new model for operating within the music industry. Founded by industry veterans and professionals, we believe in the power of music. Our vision is: To be recognized as the premiere association in this space while building relationships, and finding purpose. AMP is founded on the firm "belief there is a better way to do business". We begin with professional and personal excellence, while preparing artists to make a difference, and impact lives.

 You are a piece Piece of the puzzle! Join a team that cares about you. Receive special notices and discounts on concerts, music gear, and get free stuff. Spread the word about AMP, and stay on top of what's going on in the industry! 
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